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Keywords or tags are important when you create a new article or advertisement or upload a video to YouTube to get more visitors and make money online.

In SEO, identifying and researching keywords is the first step in the search engine optimization process for your site. Finding relevant keywords and using them within the content is one of the important things in search engine optimization to clarify the quality of your content and its relevance to the search term.

The process of choosing keywords correctly helps you get better rankings in search engines and achieve better success in e-marketing.

The process of choosing suitable keywords is one of the most important points that help you in the SEO process for your website.

What are the keywords?

They are keywords that express the content of the pages of your website or business, and you want to get advanced results on them in search engines, more clearly keywords are the phrases that visitors use in search engines to find your website.

How to choose the right keywords?

Among the types of keywords, there is always one way in this matter, which is to target long keywords and be made up of 3 or more words. Long keywords are the best way to appear on the first pages of the Google search engine quickly.

The process of targeting long search phrases (Long Tail Keyword) helps you in the process of optimizing the search engines for your website and obtaining results in turn, unlike short words with high competition, which need complex technical SEO strategies.

Why should you use Long Tail Keywords?

When I started my writing journey several years ago, I made a big mistake. I started writing around strong “short” keywords. I wasted many hours and days targeting these phrases.

I did everything you could possibly imagine of SEO rules and search engine optimization controls at this time and the result was nothing.

The reason was very simple, I targeted a keyword such as “marketing courses” and this type of word is very competitive for new websites or emerging blogs.

If you have limited possibilities in your SEO budget, you should initially target long keywords. Your main article title should itself be an “integrated keyword phrase”.

There are several levels of keywords in terms of ease of obtaining ranking, and they are as follows:

  1. Easy keywords.
  2. Medium keywords.
  3. Difficult keywords.
  4. Very difficult keywords.

If you are starting a new website you cannot target words from the very hard or difficult level, you should choose words from the easy level and then the medium level before considering the higher levels.

for example:

  • Best SEO Company in USA (Easy Keyword).
  • Best SEO company (medium keyword).
  • SEO Company (hard keyword).
  • SEO (a very difficult keyword).

More illustratively, when creating the article and indexing it in the Google search engine, you will find, for example, that your ranking on the phrase “Best SEO Company in USA” is No. 70, therefore you will find your ranking on the second phrase further, for example, “90”, the third “120” and the fourth “200”.

If you rank No. 1 in Google on the phrase “best SEO company in USA” your results will rise to the word “best SEO company,” and you will rise to the rest of the words successively.

You will find that you need a strategy, very little effort, and a short time to get a ranking on the phrase “best SEO company in USA”.

When you get a ranking on the easy phrase, you will get even a small number of visitors. The visitor will help you work on the second and third phrases, and so on, how is that?

It's actually up to the high-quality content, you can't get rankings with bad or bad content, and if you get rankings you will drop again.

If you have created better content than the competing sites, and your goal is to actually serve the user, then this will definitely help you to get the arrangements easier than you expect.