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Backlink number checker

Backlinks: They are what can be called the links that define your own site, that is, if you own a website, you need to introduce your website more and more.

These links, which are present on other websites, and by clicking on them, the user will be transferred to your website, are the biggest means of introducing your website and increasing its popularity.

The benefit that you gain from this is that the increase in the number of links that define your website means a greater increase in the strength of your site with global search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo.

How does the backlink number checker work?

When you enter the website link you want to know the number of backlinks pointing to it, this SEO tool will enable you to see the following general information in a table: The number of backlinks pointing to the website according to Google and Bing.

The tool provides you with this information about your website backlinks:

  • The number of backlinks on the website.
  • The number of unique backlinks on the website.
  • The number of backlinks that lead to the website's home page.
  • The number of nofollow backlinks per website.
  • Top Backlinks list by websites.