7 different ways to help you market your online store at the lowest costs

7 different ways to help you market your online store at the lowest costs

1. Use printed coupons

It is considered one of the most efficient marketing tools for its ease of distribution and because it helps very effectively in converting a potential customer into a real customer.

It is important to print a specific number of coupons that reflect the identity of your online store, with a special offer (discount or amount) for a specific period, and with a highly competitive advantage.

2. Customer information

Targeting a customer who has dealt with you at least once and converting them to a repeat customer is much easier than targeting a new customer.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on collecting potential customers’ data and to ensure that their number is constantly increased through content advertising campaigns or participation in exhibitions and forums appropriate for your online store activity.

Make sure to know their accurate information (contact data, addresses) so that you can later target them through content, share with them everything new in your store and offer your products.

3. Chat apps

Make sure to select the seasons and actively participate in instant communication applications - such as WhatsApp or Telegram groups.

Constantly publishing your online store link, pictures of your products, and special offers help you to increase the percentage of their publication and participation in other groups by customers and thus will increase your likelihood of reaching a larger segment.

4. Advertise with Snapchat

Snapchat is considered one of the best and most prominent ways to advertise and reach target customers, as the number of active daily users is 178 million users around the world, with the rate of each user opening the application at least 25 times a day.

This makes Snapchat a great advertising platform for your online store to reach an audience who might be interested to know about your products and what makes them stand out.

5. Search engines

One of the effective and proven very effective ways to target those looking for your online store or your products is the use of advertising through search engines -SEM.

With Google ads at a low cost, a potential customer is shown a special ad at the beginning of the search results page and transferred directly to your online store.

6. Participation in exhibitions and forums

Many merchants believe that the presence of their online store on the ground is not important in exhibitions, meetings, etc., just because it is an online store.

In fact, being present and participating in such exhibitions and conferences is a very wonderful opportunity for you to increase your sales and is very useful in helping you collect customer data and convert them from their visit to you at the exhibition to potential customers for your online store and target them in different ways as we mentioned previously.

7. Take advantage of seasons and special offers

As an online store owner, it is important to constantly schedule your offers, discounts, and known times of the year or take advantage of the existing seasons such as holidays, national days, and international days according to their suitability for your business.

This helps spread your online store on social media and target new customers.