6 Tips to make your new service on Fiverr market for itself


6 Tips to make your new service on Fiverr market for itself

When you want to add a new service on Fiverr, it is preferable to take into account some important aspects when creating the details of that service.

If you want to push other users to click on your service link to read its details and then purchase it, your service must be unique in all aspects.

1. Provide distinctive service content:

We are all looking for the opportunity to work as freelancer and seek to find this opportunity and even create it ourselves sometimes.

This does not mean that you seek to do so by providing services that have invaluable service content.

If you do not have the talent or experience to provide something special, there is no problem with that at all, and instead of looking for any service work, whatever it is to offer, make effort and fatigue to develop or acquire new skills.

Many websites today provide educational and educational services in all aspects of life, including different work experiences via the Internet, such as design, programming, article writing, etc.

All you have to do is pick one of these skills and focus on learning and mastering it fully.

Do not learn more than one skill at the same time, and do not switch between skills before completing the acquisition of a particular skill in full and providing some real projects and services related to it.

2. Choose a distinctive and expressive image for your service

The service image is the first thing that other users see.

Your success in attracting the buyer to click on the thumbnail link for your service is the first step on the path to success by pushing the buyer to click on the purchase link.

There are many services whose owner has lost a lot of sales, although they are good and perhaps excellent services in their service content, just because the seller failed to choose the main image that makes the buyer decide to know the details of that service.

Here are a few key points that make a photo special:

  • Choose high quality images.
  • Adopt an image that expresses the content of what you offer to the buyer in your service.
  • Do not fill the picture with a lot of text and written phrases. The first thing the user sees from your service is a thumbnail image, and therefore the lack of text and the focus on shapes is what attracts the buyer.
  • Use calm and comfortable colors for the eye and try to stay away from bright, inconsistent colors.

You can use the design services on fiverr to get a distinctive design for your service image.

3. Use a video presentation

If you are providing a service, its content can be better explained using presentations or any kind of video presentation.

Never hesitate to add a video link because this contributes to increasing your sales in general.

4. Choose an attractive and concise title for your service

As we mentioned earlier, the service image is the first thing that attracts the buyer's eye, so the title is the next station on which the eye of that buyer is located.

What are the most important pillars in choosing the title that prompts the buyer to access the page of that service to read its content?

  • Choose a short title.
  • Use keywords that express the service content you provide.
  • Don't use phrases like best, cheapest, and most unique.
  • Do not specify the price of the service within the address, there is a place designated for that.

5. Write a fully detailed and attractive description of your service

The service description is its core. Therefore, make your effort and time without rushing to write a description of the service that you will provide. Here are some important tips for writing a service description:

  • Specify one service value and only one that your primary service offers.
  • Commit to placing any service additions that you provide besides the main service in the Additional Services section.
  • Specify what you offer in great detail and at great length. The more detailed and detailed you provide, the more you give the buyer a sense of confidence that the service provider is a distinguished and professional person.
  • Try using an enum within the configuration. This makes the service description clearer to the buyer.
  • Add links or at least one link to your previous work.
  • When determining the time to implement the service, consider putting in additional time to avoid sudden circumstances that may prevent you from executing within the usual time. Also keep in mind that the buyer may request modifications to the submitted work, and therefore these modifications must be made within the time specified for implementation.
  • It is preferable not to mention the execution time of the service in the description. There is a place to specify the execution time on the service page.
  • It is preferable not to mention the price of the service in the description. There is a place for setting the price of the service on the service page.
  • Don't ask for a high price without just looking for a quick profit. Also, do not underestimate your service by placing a very low price just to attract the buyer. Your knowledge, time, and effort deserve appreciation from you and the buyer.
  • If available, make offers that encourage the buyer to try your new service, such as offering the first 5 buyers to get one of the additional services for free when they purchase your new service for the first time. The initial number of buyers is one of the primary means of marketing your service and confirming its high service value through their evaluation of it after purchase.

6. After-sales service

I achieved the goal. A buyer has chosen and purchased your service, but does it end here? You want buyers to buy your service again and again.

Looking to attract more and more new buyers. How do you check that? Here's what's up:

  • Specify to the buyer who purchased your service what you need to complete the work to the fullest.
  • Treat the buyer as if he were a long-time friend. Don't treat it as a source of money only. Welcome him, and be tactful and patient in understanding what he needs.
  • Always respect time. Your respect for the customer's time is one of the most important things that may prompt the buyer to request your service or services again.
  • Communicate with the buyer during the implementation period of the work and inform him of the latest developments, even if they are something simple and not mentioned. The customer feels happy when he sees that he is the focus of the seller's attention.
  • Make sure when handing over the work that you know the opinion of the buyer. Don't tell him it's finished with a stern phrase and you hand over the service, and it's over! Ask him to give his opinion in detail. Inform him that you are ready to make the modifications, no matter how small (if this is among what is mentioned in the service description).
  • In the event of any problem, try to contain the customer's anger (in the event of tension and angry dealings). Remember that you may be in the same situation if you feel that there is negligence on the part of someone who you asked to hire you for a job and then fails to, even though it is paid work. Try to absorb his emotion and then move to the stage of a calm dialogue with him to solve the problem.
  • If you can provide assistance, advice, and support even after the end of the service, do not hesitate to inform the customer about this. The number of customers who come back for technical support long after the service has ended is small compared to the sales you might make. But that leaves an unforgettable impression on your customers.

Do you have any tips not mentioned in the article that you can offer to your colleagues that you find important and gained from your experience working as a freelancer online? Share your opinion with us...