How to find RSS feed link in Blogger (Blogspot)


How to find RSS feed link in Blogger (Blogspot)

An RSS feed is an XML file that contains your most recent content. News aggregators, feed readers, email subscriptions, and podcast lists pull content from RSS feeds.

Many Blogger Platform users are having a hard time getting the RSS feed for their blogs.

So I decided to write this post to explain how to find the Blogger RSS feed.

Getting the Blogger RSS feed from a blog does not seem as simple as in WordPress ( or any other blogging platform.

There are situations where you might want to submit your blog feed to a directory and find that you don't know how to get the correct URL pointing to your blog feed.

As promised I will show you the blogger RSS feed (Blogspot), here is the list of RSS feeds for your blog attached to the blogger blog hosted on Google LLC.

RSS feed link for the entire Blogger website

Atom 1.0 Brief Link:

RSS 2.0 feed link:

RSS Feed Link for Blogger Tag

Atom 1.0 tag brief link:

RSS 2.0 Tag Feed Link:

RSS Feed Link for Blogger Post

Atom 1.0 post source:

RSS 2.0 feed:

RSS Feed Link to Blogger Comments

Atom 1.0 Comments feed:

RSS 2.0 Commentary Feed:

This is a simple guide to finding the Blogger RSS feed (Blogspot).

Don't forget to replace "yourblog" with your blog name. And if you're still using Blogspot, your URL should look like this:

WordPress RSS Feed link

How to find the RSS feed of any website

Another way to find an RSS feed for any website is through the source code.

While dealing with source code often requires a bit of intelligence, finding an RSS feed through a webpage's source code is very easy.

When you're on a webpage that you suspect may have an RSS feed attached to it, but you can't find it, right-click anywhere on the page and look for the View source code option, in Chrome.

This will bring up a window showing all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the current page. All you have to do is search for the term "application/rss" by pressing (Ctrl + F).

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