How to earn money and free cryptocurrencies from FaucetPay wallet

How to earn money and free cryptocurrencies from FaucetPay wallet

There is no doubt that the field of cryptocurrency has become more popular in the last phase of our era.

However, choosing a wallet that provides security for its owner is the most important step that a person should consider before taking any action to start cryptocurrency trading.

FaucetPay wallet is one of the best wallets for storing small amounts of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash...

FaucetPay wallet is also one of the wallets that have proven its quality and efficiency at the present time.

FaucetPay Wallet Link

Therefore, in our article today, via 99MakeMoneyOnline, we will talk about the explanation of the FaucetPay wallet, the steps to register and profit from it for free, and everything related to the website, from registration and account creation ... etc.

Where you can learn to collect all kinds of money, create a FaucetPay wallet, and start investing to earn money, in several ways that we will also mention in our article, follow us to learn about FaucetPay.

What is FaucetPay wallet?

FaucetPay was first launched in 2019, and this wallet has many advantages, it differs from other wallets, as a small wallet that allows its owner to accumulate a small number of different currencies.

FaucetPay wallet can be used as an intermediary between cryptocurrency collecting websites and the primary wallet.

Many people want to know the explanation of FaucetPay wallet. To be able to get a small amount of cryptocurrency without big fees.

The owner of the wallet can also transfer the coin he has collected to a personal wallet in a very simple way.

The most important thing that the investor is looking for in the field of cryptocurrencies is to obtain a wallet with a high level of security through which he can trade and keep the currency without facing any of the problems that many people face.

Investors may face hacking and theft in many digital wallets, which in turn leads to huge losses that no investor is willing to face.

The FaucetPay wallet is secured and encrypted in a high-quality manner by the programmers of the website to avoid hacking or theft which can cause very big problems for investors.

They also provide this wallet with simple tools so that you will not have any difficulty using it.

Simply, the FaucetPay wallet is the intermediary between you and the websites you profit from, as the websites from which you earn cryptocurrency pay you your profits without deduction of network fees, so you receive your profits in full, such as those on the website from which you earn.

Open an account in FaucetPay wallet

Explanation of the steps to register in the FaucetPay wallet, all you will definitely need to register in this wallet, if you do not know this, you should follow the steps shown in the following lines:

  • Go to the wallet website here.
  • Click Sign Up. As shown in the picture
  • You will see the fields where you must fill in the required information.
  • Put a checkmark to confirm that you are a human and not a robot, then hit the subscribe button.
  • You will receive a confirmation message at the email address you entered. There is a direct link in the message to activate your account on the FaucetPay website.
  • Click the link and your account will be activated and you can log in again.

Open an account in FaucetPay wallet

FaucetPay wallet features

Many people seek to understand the FaucetPay wallet, as it is the best wallet for trading, earning, and holding cryptocurrencies.

All because it has many features that make it the best and safest among others, as these features are as follows:

  1. Different ways you can use to earn profits and collect cryptocurrencies on the wallet.
  2. Easy transfer from FaucetPay wallet to other cryptocurrency wallets.
  3. The fee for transfers compared to other cryptocurrency wallets is very low.
  4. You can hold multiple types of cryptocurrencies.
  5. The wallet has high security that reduces the chance of the wallet being hacked.
  6. Thousands of websites pay you on your FaucetPay wallet without any fees.
  7. You can switch between currencies within the FaucetPay wallet, such as: from Bitcoin to Litecoin.
  8. You can earn bitcoins for free within the Faucetpay wallet without leaving it.

Earn money from FaucetPay

Faucet Pay Wallet has provided a list of faucets to earn cryptocurrency for free, including:

  • Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Ethereum (ETH).
  • Dogecoin (DOGE).
  • Litecoin (LTC).
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • Tron (TRX).
  • Dash (DASH).
  • DigiByte (DGB).
  • Tether (USDT).
  • Feyorra (FEY).
  • ZCash (ZEC).
  • Binance Coin (BNB).
  • Solana (SOL).

The site also shows you the total number of users receiving payments per day and the total payments, as well as the total amount paid per week and the name of the faucet that shows only daily and weekly payments Click here to find out.

Ways to make money from FaucetPay wallet

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency except inside or outside FaucetPay (the websites that deal with them or as we call them cryptocurrency faucets), and we mention the following:

1. Earn cryptocurrency with Offer Walls

Earnings in this section of the website can be collected by completing certain tasks such as answering various surveys.

Each answer gives a certain number of points, and when you collect 400 points, you get $1 in return.

Every time you collect 400 points, you get a dollar, so it's a way to make a profit, but it needs to keep going.

2. Faucet List

They are faucets that pay you directly in cryptocurrency for free on the FaucetPay wallet.

After creating an account and using it for a while to be able to withdraw profits. Sometimes this can be done without creating an account.

It is worth noting that these faucets are divided into specific lists, where each list belongs to a specific cryptocurrency, so if the user wants to collect Litecoin, he has to choose from the list.

And he just needs to select the desired currency and then all the taps will appear in which he can accumulate the pre-set currency amount.

Since big profits can be made easily and quickly in this way, it is important to include this part in this article.

If you want to get lists of the best faucets, you will find me I have put links to them above in the Earn money from FaucetPay section.

3. Paid to Click

It can be abbreviated to the PTC, which is a method by which users get income by clicking on the ads in this section, and it should be noted that it is one of the most prominent ways of getting money from wallets.

This is how you can earn bitcoin only. But there are ways outside of the FaucetPay wallet as there are some faucets that offer this method of earning and paying via other cryptocurrencies.

4. Multiply BTC

Although this method is dangerous, we cannot quickly ignore it when listing ways to make money from FaucetPay.

This is represented by games of chance, so before you start trying this part, you should know that this is a high risk, as it can lead to the loss of all profits in the wallet.

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