10 Most successful small online business ideas around the world to start your business today


10 Most successful small online business ideas around the world to start your business today

It is natural to increase the search for the most successful small business ideas around the world via the Internet after the amazing boom of e-commerce in recent times.

It has become everyone's desire today to own their own business online either, and that is why search engines are leading questions and topics such as, What are the best small projects at the lowest cost?

What are the most successful profitable projects in a small capital? What is the best small business without capital? And many endless questions.

And if this article reaches you, then you are one of those researchers who are interested in owning a project of their own, so follow us to learn about the most successful ideas. Let's start our journey...

Why are so many people heading towards starting small businesses online?

After the amazing and wonderful success achieved by e-commerce from among all sectors during the Coronavirus crisis.

This was the most important driver of many confidence and tendency to start their own online business and leave their jobs.

It is enough what the numbers and statistics of recent e-commerce performance reports tell us to encourage any individual who wants to start his own project.

The rate of ordering products online has increased by 60% during the COVID-19 crisis than before the crisis. (Contact Piogeon)

The number of online shoppers worldwide has also risen to 2.14 billion digital shoppers, according to the statistics website (Statista).

We find that this crisis has contributed significantly and effectively to the rapid development of the purchasing behavior of the digital shopper, and to the promotion of the culture of shopping and buying online for a large segment that was not originally targeted.

Even the consumer who did not want to conduct online shopping before has become obliged to carry out such operations to purchase his necessary needs.

Therefore, it was natural for the high rates of searching for online project ideas from home, in an attempt by many to avoid the crisis and bypass the stage through work online from home.

We now find that e-commerce is the future that dominates the world, and it is the bright sector that welcomes any individual even if he does not have any commercial experience.

So, below, let us explain the most important reasons for starting an online business and help you complete this step that you need to start professionally.

Why are so many people heading towards starting small businesses online?

What are the advantages of starting your business online?

As we mentioned, it may seem difficult to create profitable and inexpensive small projects, but many advantages make it easy to start and succeed, and these advantages are:

  1. Not needing a large capital to start the project.
  2. Easy access to profitable small business ideas.
  3. Flexibility to manage the project from anywhere and at any time via a mobile phone or laptop.
  4. Not being affected by major social challenges such as the Coronavirus crisis.
  5. The arrival of the products and services provided in your project to a huge segment of the online shopper audience, as we mentioned today, there are 2.14 billion shoppers around the world!
  6. You will not need previous experience to start the project, it is sufficient to have an online store and choose the type of product or service, and then it is easy to obtain and promote it.
  7. You have many resources and factors that attract the audience to buy your products or services, and these resources are represented in marketing strategies such as offers and discounts.
  8. Grow and improve your online project faster than a traditional project, because any positive or negative reviews or ratings from your customers arrive quickly online.
  9. Achieving more commercial goals is better than starting traditionally starting a business create an online clothing store, make sure that your sales will be double that of the shop in the commercial market, and this is what the numbers prove to us that we will mention below.

Since e-commerce is the only opportunity that allows anyone who is looking for a very profitable project and does not have any business experience, to start their project easily and with simple steps.

That is why we chose the most successful and inexpensive small projects that we can start working on establishing online by creating an online store only.

Let's take a look at the following small business ideas that you can do and manage online and from your own home.

What are the advantages of starting your business online?

10 Profitable Small Business Online Ideas 

1. Online Cosmetics Vending Business Idea

Cosmetics, skin and hair, and care products are one of the best-selling products online.

Which makes the project of selling beauty products one of the most successful projects in the whole world.

We find by numbers that cosmetic products top the list of best-selling products around the world.

We find that seven out of ten digital consumers list these products as their most frequent purchase, according to a report by globalwebindex.

Online Cosmetics Vending Business Idea

In another report for the same website about the opinions of consumers, they mentioned the order of the factors behind their decision to buy a cosmetic product, and these factors were:

  • 65% of the product price.
  • 51% brand reputation.
  • 36% of the ingredients used in the production of the product.
  • 35% of product use instructions.

You have to take all these factors into consideration before deciding to sell cosmetics, skincare, and hair to consumers, to succeed in satisfying their needs and providing what is in line with their requirements and convictions.

For example, if you sell products with an animal oil or substance as its main ingredient, you will lose a large segment of consumers who refuse to use animals in the formation of consumables or use them in experiments to produce these elements.

And they are not a small percentage, as according to the aforementioned report, they may reach more than 35%.

But if you are looking for the secret of your progress and distinguishing yourself from your competitors, you should know that the quality of the products is not enough.

You need to work and look to build and prove a strong and influential reputation for your brand because it will be more important to consumers than product quality.

Below is an illustration of the best-selling cosmetics, skincare, and hair products and their ranking in terms of the shopper audience, so you know the priorities of the digital shopper and take them into account when creating your own business.

The best selling cosmetics online | 99MakeMoneyOnline

2. The idea of ​​a business to sell clothes online

The apparel industry is one of the most important industries around the world, and it is one of the industries that witness permanent and continuous growth and prosperity.

Contrary to what is expected, the establishment of a clothing sale business does not require a lot of money but is classified among the small business that can be easily established and worked on.

According to Statista, e-commerce apparel commerce was valued at $102.5 billion during the previous year.

It is expected to increase to $153.6 billion by 2024, and these figures are for the whole world.

Aren't these numbers reason enough to convince you to set up an online clothing store as one of the most successful and profitable small business ideas?

If you do not have access to any wholesale supplier to get your products through, do not despair, many easy ways allow you to own clothing products easily.

You can create an online store with a dropshipping system, own a profitable private project, and enjoy many of the advantages of dropshipping trade.

The idea of ​​a business to sell clothes online

3. business idea for selling handmade products

Handicraft products are among the list of highly profitable and successful small businesses.

According to the same website globalwebindex report, handicrafts are ranked as the second most popular product category for online shopping globally.

We find that the sales value is $362.9 billion for the year 2020, and of course, this rate is expected to increase significantly in 2021.

Handicraft is one of the most amazing works that you can master and profit from. You can implement any of the handicraft products and display them on social media platforms or through your own online store.

The handicraft products range from:

  • Accessory products.
  • Crochet and embroidery products.
  • Graphics and painting products.
  • Wood products.
  • Products of sculpture or porcelain.

business idea for selling handmade products

4. The idea of a business to sell electronic devices online

Electronics and media goods are the third best-selling product among digital shoppers around the world, and this is an important classification to keep in mind.

Electronics sales are expected to reach $542.4 billion this year, according to the World webindex in its e-commerce sales report.

Products from electronics and media represent an important and indispensable category today, and this explains the continuous demand for their purchase as an important and essential factor.

Therefore, it is one of the best products through which to create profitable and successful small businesses.

5. Idea of ​​a business to sell jewelry online

Jewelry is one of the most important items that a large number of digital shoppers buy with different characteristics of age, gender, and social group.

Jewelery is among the top-selling online product categories around the world.

As we find that the latest statistics of online jewelry sales in all are high and profitable.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and start your own project to sell jewelry and ornaments of various items and categories, they are in constant demand and their audience is waiting to buy at any time and on any occasion.

Idea of ​​a business to sell jewelry online

6. Idea of a project to sell household items

With sales of more than $350 billion globally, home appliances, furniture, and appliances are ranked fifth in the list of the most popular online shopping categories.

Therefore, the idea of ​​a project to sell household items is one of the most important ideas of profitable projects that we suggest to you among the ideas of this article.

Idea of a project to sell household items

7. The idea of business to sell baby and children's supplies online

One of the most popular categories of goods, contrary to what is expected of many, is the categories of infant and children's requirements.

The desires and needs of a large segment of consumers to buy what they need from different products, whether clothes, furniture, or even decorative pieces, will not end.

That is why this project is one of the most successful projects that we strongly recommend to you to start working and trading and selling baby supplies through your online store.

The idea of business to sell baby and children's supplies online

8. Idea of a business to sell bouquets of roses

Rose bouquets are one of the most sold items daily and at every moment.

Bouquets of roses are a great gift on many occasions that we go through in our daily routine, and this is what makes it the first idea that comes to anyone's mind before buying any gift.

So, our list of project ideas includes a project idea for creating an online store selling different bouquets of roses and flowers.

Idea of a business to sell bouquets of roses

9. Project idea for selling natural products

It is not only the purchasing behavior that has evolved in the human being, but his environmental behavior also has developed significantly during the previous years.

Yes, there is still a large group of people who continue to harm and harm nature, but there is a huge group that attacks any harm, even a slight one, towards nature.

This makes natural, non-chemical, and animal-free products the favorites of a huge segment of shoppers today.

With the spread of the culture of naturopathy and its bounties among different groups of people, this was an opportunity to start different businesses selling the needs of this group, for example:

  • You can sell natural honey products online.
  • Skin and hair care products from natural oils.
  • Cosmetics from oils and plants.

Thus, the uses of nature’s products vary, but most of them go towards cosmetics and body care, and as we mentioned above, this category of products represents the most important category that is highly demanded by digital and even non-digital shoppers.

Project idea for selling natural products

10. Idea of a business selling meals

The desire to hunger will not end, nor will the human need to buy food.

This makes the project of selling ready-made meals online one of the most and best ideas for small projects at home, especially because it is the most suitable project for women.

With the difficulties of life and the challenges that women face in the labor market, a home-based food production project is the most appropriate solution for them.

This idea is also characterized by the fact that it will not require large capital, or in fact, any of the previous project ideas are not expensive at all.

The noticeable change in the behavior and habits of homes today will help the success of this project. Women are working late, and of course, they will not be able to produce fresh meals every day.

Also, you will not want to buy unhealthy fast food that causes a lot of health problems, in addition to its high price compared to fresh homemade meals.

The target audience of this project will be very large and it is expected to become a very profitable small business.

10 Tips for the Success of Your Online Business Project

Before creating your own project, there are some important tips and things that you should keep in mind to succeed in understanding the behavior of the digital shopper and to succeed in keeping pace with the evolution of his behavior and needs permanently.

  1. Understand the consumer's purchasing behavior and what his needs are for you to implement and present to him.
  2. Develop an e-commerce strategy for your online commerce permanently to achieve the desired success of your business.
  3. With more than 2 billion users, today social media marketing strategies are indispensable, and use them as other sales channels for your products.
  4. Design a professional and easy online store, to support providing a smarter and easier shopping experience for your customers.
  5. Diversity of payment methods is one of the most effective ways to gain more customers and thus increase sales rates. Do not hesitate to provide more than one different method.
  6. Monitoring competitors and analyzing their performance will not end once your project is successful and spread, this is an ongoing task for you if you want your business to be successful forever.
  7. Classify the products smoothly and attractively in the store, while writing an attractive and innovative professional description to attract customers.
  8. Make sure to communicate with your customers and know their evaluations of their purchasing experience from your store, to learn about the challenges they face and solve them, and to learn about the advantages and develop them.
  9. Follow the trend and everything new online to succeed in communicating with your customers in the language they understand and prefer.
  10. Make sure that it is not the number of products, it is enough to sell one product that the digital shopper really needs and is constantly looking for and promoting properly.

Conclusion and suggestions

During today's article, we talked about why so many people today are turning to start an e-commerce business.

We've covered some of the best small business ideas that can be easily created online.

Share with us which of these project ideas can you start working with and make money online.